Monday, May 4, 2015

Vinos Ambiz Chelva - The Wait Is Over...

I'm so glad to report... my patience did finally run out.

There's no way for me to adequately describe my enjoyment of this wine. When I finally opened it I had resigned myself to accepting whatever form it came in. You see, the color, cloudiness and varietal had me a bit unsure as to what to expect.

The first moment I inhaled this honeyed hued liquid it was pure pleasure. Notes of faintly burnt caramel wrapped around a tart and fragrant green apple danced around my senses. I was transported to a hot day at the bodega. My work finally done I can rest in the late afternoon glow of the setting sun with a glass of this golden elixir -- transcedent.

I couldn't restrain my excitement at tasting and quickly sipped it. Although I was disappointed in my rushing the process and maybe should have savored its aromatic and telling nose longer; I was not disappointed in the results. The complex wine; chewy, tart and fruity -- made me giddy. It's at once weighty and refreshing. It captured my attention and held it. I continued to sip and try this wine with different foods-- but found that I enjoyed it most as a solo journey. I bought two more bottles the next day; just so it's not completely solo. If I had a criticism it would be that the alcohol is a bit high, 13 degrees, and can be a bit sneaky, but still lower than many (most?) wines. 

With the weeks work done I smiled with a bittersweet happiness. These moments leave me longing to share such discoveries -- I feel they live longer with two. But, alas, one will do.

And, Vinos Ambiz has a wonderful blog:

Importer product page:

A little more about the Chelva Experiment:

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