Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Toi Nous_ Andrea Calek

Andrea Calek is kind of like a rock star. And, the Bay Area is in love with him. He was born in Czechoslovakia (a country of contradictions, for sure!) but settled in Ardeche' after taking the long way around. His story is very interesting (if you're curious see the link below). His vineyard practices and winemaking techniques are reportedly as natural as they come.

He is said to be a bit rowdy, messy, hard to define and 'wild' (kind of sounds like he's having fun, huh?)-- and his wines, well there's nothing messy about them, they are considered nirvana. His mentor's are nothing short of legends in the handpicked fields of natural wines. And, he, in his own right, has developed a reputation for very technically accurate and a meticulous approach to producing good wines.

I was definitely intrigued. Everyone seemed to be buzzing with the name Andrea' Calek. At Terroir, Ordinaire and Paul Marcus people would smile at me, gleefully adorning grins of garnet-hued teeth, and tell me about their new 'favorite' wine. Finally, I wanted to drink-the-'Koolaid'.  So, I went with the only wine I could find of Andrea's, after his whirlwind tour of my city, which was a red Rhone blend.

It was a daring choice for me, given my track record with red wines. The nose was so beautiful; herbaceous (rosemary and lavender created an aromatic tour of a French garden), notes of lush berries made my mouth water and, finally, rounding it all out, earth and egg (I know, weird -- but true)! Finally, I couldn't wait and took a sip from which I was instantly reminded, with a burning sensation, that like so many other bold and beautiful red wines my body rejects them -- right at the moment it passes near my heart.

I think maybe I said something unpleasant to a supernatural winemaker and a curse was put on me (not to be all magical thinking about it -- but it makes sense, yes?).

I know it's OK though, Andrea' seems to have many groupies that are all willing to take my place -- and, although I'm a bit jealous of them -- it's probably for the best.  A Toi Nous.

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