Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lamoresca - Filippo Rizzo

Lamoresca - Filippo Rizzo

According to Selectionsnaturel, Filippo, a former restauranteur, and his wife, Nancy, began talking about serving natural wines, at restaurants, outside of Paris, when they first met-- and, now they are considered founders of the natural wine movement, especially in Italy. They tirelessly work their farm in Sicily, by hand, bringing the beauty of it to life in each bottle. This, I know, because when we met them at RAW, Nancy explained their work with such passion it compelled me. The taste from that day stayed with my memory -- where I thought it was destined to stay... until I found a bottle at Ruby.  

Lamoresca Bianco is made of 100% Vermentino and is macerated on the skins for a long period of time. This can yield an orange wine in color. The difficult Sicilian earth and ripe rock fruit continue their work together by producing a deeply soulful exchange. The wines balance and harmony come from the  bright acidity.  I'm a fan of their efforts, style, story and wine.  For me, always with cheese. For others, perhaps with smoked meats and nuts, too.


Found: Ruby Wine Shop
Importer: Selectionsnaturel


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