Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Azienda Agricola COS and SPQR

Continuing the birthday celebration (See blog post, 'Sophia & Adam') -- I was offered a few more suggestions to pair with creations coming from the kitchen. When COS was first poured I wasn't sure. I decided it was a new bottle and might benefit from some time.

When the first course arrived I savored a bite and then sipped COS again -- it was heaven. What was once acidic, hot with alcohol and bitter -- had become silky and subtle. The structure was remarkable; the acid, now, more subtle and not overbearing -- but, I will say, to me, it's a 'food' wine.

It snuck in to all the right places and turned a little light on all the flavor components of the vegetable brioche I started the evening with -- the dance between wine and food was elegant and masterful. And, like a good dance partner, this wine lead me with confidence and grace throughout the second course before it slipped away leaving me with the feeling we would meet again.

I couldn't wait to learn more about this interesting wine and the winemakers. The story is almost better than the wine. I was seduced by statements such as,

"This would help them find and maintain a harmonious balance with nature, as well as craft wines that are as representative as possible of their time and place." 

I find that kind of thing exciting.

The vineyard was purchased by 3 friends in the '80's and they once held the title as the youngest winemakers in Italy. In the 1990's they adopted biodynamic vineyard practices and in 2000 received a shipment of clay amphora's (currently said to have one of largest collections in the world) and began a new identity by reclaiming ancient cellar practices -- as was done in ancient Greece.

Although they now seem more like the mega-conglomerates of Napa Valley and may have lost that earthy, hands on,  farm-to-table vibe that is so appealing -- the wine seems to know from where it roots came.

I think this winery is special and worth your time.

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