Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vinos Ambiz_Albillo 2013

I have written about Vinos Ambiz in the past and I am a fan of their Chelva. 

Vinos Ambiz is the creation of Fabio Bartolomei who is producing amazing wine in Spain. All his wines, so far, are made from lesser-known, odd varietals -- which I think make them interesting and exciting to try. I discovered Fabio's wines, while traveling in Spain, and researching natural winemakers in the area. We couldn't find them there, but, since, I've sampled some of his efforts, and had an opportunity to talk with Jose Pastor (U.S. importer) about them. In all cases, I'm reassured of their uniqueness and Fabio's commitment to always be natural. And, so far, in my experience, these things ring true.

However, the Albillo is so high in alcohol I find it unapproachable. The nose has characteristics similar to Moscato with orange and honeysuckle springing to mind but it was all lost when I took a sip due to the alcohol. Unfortunately, I was only able to take a few more sips before my head was throbbing -- and my heart sinking. 

That's OK, I'll always have Chelva. Well, until it's gone. 

And, Vinos Ambiz has a wonderful blog:


  1. Hi, thanks for commenting about my wine.
    I understand that my Albillo is not to everyone's liking. You are right about the alcohol level, which is rather high for a white wine. I prefer to have it with food, and strong tasty food at that! Albillo is a funny grape, very early ripening, and impossible to make a wine under 13% or 13.5%, very difficult to harvest at the right moment as the acidity can disappear from one day to the next. Incredibly tasty and aromatic though.
    Enjoy my other wines, there are plenty of them :)
    Un saludo,

    1. What a pleasure to see your comment Fabio! Thank you for the additional information. Maybe I should give it another try with some strong tasty food! In any case, I'll be back to the Albillo in future vintages. I love your wines and how they seem to vibrate with the spirit of living wine.. Un saludo, Nancee