Monday, May 4, 2015

Domaine Le Grain de Sénevé, 500 Metres, Beaujolais Villages,

I don't typically drink red wine anymore. My body often rejects them. It's very sad for me, especially, since there was a time when I drank them with joy.

Sometimes, however, one comes along that is very gentle with me. I was surprised that it was a Gamay from Beaujolais. The wine offers up raisins, berries and a hint of rich earth on a delicate hand that lingers in such a seductive way it’s hard not to be taken with it. The alcohol is 10.5% which appeals to me in so many ways. The tannins and acid are so clean and refreshing – but give the wine its interest. I think this is an all weather wine that is a perfect companion for celebrating or longing. I can say, without reservation, I love this wine.  

"Hervé works biodynamically and plows his steep slopes with the help of his horse (hilariously named “Reggae Nights”) The grapes are harvested with the help of friends and family and fermented whole cluster in concrete without any additives and then pressed via a massive, 100 year old press in the winery that ‘s attached to the house."

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