Monday, April 20, 2015

Du Rififi A Beaulieu - Sebastien Bobinet & Emeline Calvez

Du Rififi à Beaulieu- 
Domaine Bobinet
Found: @ Paul Marcus Wine/Oakland
Importer: Percy Selections

This is a wine that can handle its own, however, don't waste it. Puhleez! When paired with smoked fish, salty truffle french fries or bitter greens it really shines. That's the stuff of the Saumur, Loire; never content in just sitting there and looking pretty.  

The limestone and clay soil has delivered to us a delicious and versatile sparkling wine that is at once both delicate and complex -- as well as filled with the soul only natural yeast can yeild (yes, IMHO). This is a Domaine Bobinet invention -- so, no intervention but love and nature.

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