Monday, May 4, 2015

Love & Collar Bones - Louisa Mary Smith

A Louisa Mary Smith bottling is a rare sight.  I was lucky enough to stumble on a bottle at Vin Ordinaire in Oakland.  Louisa Smith worked with Kevin Kelley, as his assistant winemaker, which gives those who love Kevin’s wines a sense of her style. Her labels have donned the name, ‘Love and Collar Bones’, which I find poetic.  And, like collar bones sometimes do, she, and her wines, stick out. 

For a young winemaker she seems to have the soul of a vintner from a distant time. Her Chardonnay from Anderson Valley was bright and delicate; balanced with perfect acidity and subtle fruit (for me pear and lychee). I brought this wine to share with friends and we paired it with oysters, salad, cheese and crostini – it met each course with perfection. Everyone agreed it was the best wine of the night! If there’s a down side to this wine it is its limited production. I guess that could be the good side too.

I found it hard to find much written about this up and coming wine star but here's a nibble:

"Loving the wines coming out of Kevin's cellar, she returned the past 4 years for harvests to eventually become his assistant winemaker. Louisa has been influential in a lot of the sparkling wine coming out of Salinia’s cellar. This year she was able to start making small batches of her own wine." 


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