Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sophia & Adam ...are adorable. I.G.T Campania Bianco "Sophia"

For my birthday, I treated myself to one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. The 'City' has many wonderful restaurants but SPQR is special to me for many reasons. I showed up before they opened and they let me take pictures before dinner started. It's such a beautiful space that I was touched by the attention to detail in every aspect. If you're not careful, you could fall in love in a space like this.

The restaurant has evolved over time to become an inventive yet approachable and exciting experience. The service is friendly and knowledgeable -- as well as very adept. SPQR has also expanded their wine selection to include a wonderful (if not small) natural wine offering. Another delightful aspect is that their bartenders can share stories about the wines and provide a detailed description of their unique natural wines -- as well as suggestions.

Here is where I discovered Sophia. This wine is so interesting. It's weight is balanced by chewy, bright acid, spicy herb and sweet ripe fruit making it refreshing and delicious. It's wonderful to begin the night with but I don't think Sophia is sticking around. She's exciting, full bodied and very adventurous -- I can tell she would demand my full attention and as I mentioned SPQR has many good things to offer. I can't wait until I find myself in her company again although she's a rare find. SPQR always has this effect on me -- in love and wanting more.

The winemakers behind "Sophia" and "David", as well as a few more labels, make their wines from ancient grapes, Fiano and Greco. The vineyards are located in Italy and were planted in the 1930's. The story goes, they have always been harvested, and the wine produced, using 'special techniques' or what's also known as 'methode ancestrale' -- although this term is most often associated with sparkling wine which these wines are not. Their wines are fermented using indigineous yeast and limited intervention --  in steel, barrels and in homemade amphora's sealed with beeswax which can not be broken open until the wine is done to prevent oxidation. The winemakers trust that the wine will produce what is meant to be for that years labor of love. 

I think 'Sophia' is an apt name, translated in English (from Greek) to 'Divine Wisdom'.

I.G.T Campania Bianco "Sophia"

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