Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vinos Ambiz_Chelva Fabio Bartolomei

Ambiz Sobremadre Madrid Malvar 2013When in Spain we visited the wonderful natural wine bar 'Bar Brutal'. I asked if they sold Fabio Bartolomei and I was told, to my great disappointment, "No".  A few weeks ago, and back home in the Bay Area, I was walking through Paul Marcus Wines, when suddenly my wish granted. Tucked away, in a quiet corner of the shop, was this bottle of glowing liquid gold.

And, for those with keen observation skills, you'll notice it's full! This is what patience looks like: an unopened cloudy bottle of Fabio Bartolomei natural wine in my home.

I love the cloudiness and the promise this wine holds.  And, maybe, this is what desire looks like too, a little....  I can't wait to try it -- but mostly to share it.

I know my patience will run out soon.

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