Monday, March 23, 2015

Le Verre Vole'

February 2014

On Valentines Day, appropriately enough, I found myself, hand-in-hand with love and adventure. After a wonderful stroll through Paris we approached Le Verre Vole' before they were opened for the day. Our pilgrimage, which included a magical tour of the City of Lights, was leading us to drink at the altar of this holy of all natural wine wells. Someone outside was repairing something and inside tools lay on the floor, as my heart sunk, we inquired if they would open today.  To our hearts delight, they would open in 30 minutes.

It's where every true odyssey begins... at the beginning. This tiny cafe nestled in a secluded corner off the Canal Saint-Martin, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, is rumored where Catherine & Pierre Breton first found a home to pour their wines. The natural producers and unfiltered wines haven't stopped flowing. But, don't think this is just a place to discover wines, the food is well worth the trip. It's a place to explore, share and fall in love.


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