Saturday, March 28, 2015

lit Rozzo Vino Blanco

It's always exciting to me to find a wine as brawny yet honeyed as this gem and you definitely quickly realize you're safely drinking from the natural world with your first sip. However, the viscosity can make it seem thick and syrupy possibly lending itself to lose it's complexity and tire you out. 

Alas, the same things that made me love him; make him a challenge; the viscosity and acetic profile make this wine one I'm happy to drink in small doses and will come back to for a few days. It's good to know these wines exist but may not be a permanent dinner guest.

This is one of the wines that's a great example of the variation you can get in natural wines. Sometimes you get cidery wines or sherry like; sometimes not. In my opinion, it's a great example of this spectrum.

Bianco 2013

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