Saturday, March 28, 2015

Les Gruches - Domaine Bobinet

To find this high of quality natural wine anywhere is reason enough to celebrate but when you find it at your favorite neighborhood natural wine bar, Ordinaire, well, let the celebration begin. 

It seems that after an encounter with esteemed natural winemaker Olivier Cousins, Sébastien was determined to make wines that expressed the terroir without intervention. The influences didn't stop. Given wise counsel from champions of natural wine; producer Jules Chauvet of the Beaujolais, and the Loire’s Foucault brothers -- this wine is representative of how fine natural wine can be made.

The essence of this wine is truth. It goes beyond organic, biodynamic or natural -- these techniques come from the heart, the earth and a way of living in and with the world. The results are a true expression of the clay and limestone soil those familiar with Saumur will appreciate. But, what truly captivated me was how history, collaboration and nature come together to create a complex wine with a perfect finish.  A fairy tale come to life. 

Each bottle tells the story of the land, chance encounters and passion. Timeless.

Thank you Percy Selections!

Les Gruches Saumur 2013

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