Saturday, March 28, 2015

Angiolino Maule Masieri

Full bodied Italians are a dime a dozen but this white wine hailing from Northern Italy is a member of a very proud Italian family known for beautiful red wines -- as well as being a trailblazer in the natural wine movement. Angiolino is the founder of VinNatur, Italy's largest association of natural growers, and an artist, also, by nature.

This wine, in my opinion, seems to highlight his artistry. As I ponder this review, holding a now empty bottle, I wondered how a heavy glass bottle with a deep punt, typically found holding a red wine, factors into my overall feeling of this wine.

I choose to see what's inside and decide I like this wine, it tells the story of the land it comes from with notes of figs, pears and rock fruit balanced by lovely acidity. However, for me, it can sometimes be a bit unpredictable and, this vintage seems to lack complexity which is too bad as it's got all the potential for greatness. I made it a pizza night -- which I'm sure the pizzaiolo owner, Angiolino, can appreciate -- I know I did.

Angiolino Maule Masieri 2013

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