Monday, March 23, 2015

London Calling...Elliots, Brawn, 40 Maltby...

Maltby Tasting - Left corner:Sebastien from Domain Bobinet
On our first trip to London we found such energy around the natural wine movement. Wherever we went, they seemed giddy to share their love of discovery and tasting natural wines. Elliots and Brawn are restaurants where we instantly felt at home, with friends who shared our passion. It seems to be like that in the natural wine culture... you meet like-minded, and hearted, people sitting next to you or across the bar, and you know, somehow, you've met a friend.
RAWFair 2014 - London

We returned in July, for the RAW fair, and the energy all around us was electric. It was a disorienting and exciting when after a long walk we found tucked way, behind the bustling markets, an old cave filled with natural winemakers, from all over Europe. Some of these winemakers were here only for this intimate and obscure tasting, rather than Raw, some were here for both. All were pouring the most ancient recipe made more poetic by London's own history living within the cavernous wall of this catacomb.

At the fair itself the air was filled with expectation and light (not to mention uncharacteristic heat!).
Wine, natural food vendors and familiar faces made for making friends and memories quickly. When you're faced with such abundance you can either feel overwhelmed or gratitude; and, possibly both. I can still feel the gratitude of abundance; love, passion and sensuality bloomed in this week and we lingered in its embrace and continue to drink it in whenever I can.

Les Gruches

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