Saturday, November 7, 2015

Vinicola Torres Allegre, Del Viko, Baja, Mexico

Over the Summer I traveled to Mexico for a little exploring. And, of course, I was interested in tasting the wines of the region. While riding my bike in Tulum, I came across the intriguing, Le Tente Rose. Like so many spots in this beautiful beach town I couldn't help but park my bike & take a closer look. 

My attempts at inquiring about natural or organic wines were met with a blank look and a not-so-inspiring head tilt. So, with a little help from my iPhone I discovered Del Viko was made with a natural spirit and organic. So, with my adventurous spirit took a shot. And, it so glad I did! This French Colombard/ Chenin Blanc blend stands out of the crowd in a place of mostly budget California imports. It's crisp, complex, clean. And, it hails from a one of Mexico's elite winemakers, Victor Torres Alegre.  

What I also discovered was the wine movement of the Guadalupe Valley in Baja, Mexico. Filled with interesting wines, winemakers and craft beer enthusiasts. One winemaker I'm intrigued by is Perez Castro of Finca La Carrodilla. He is young, self-taught and seems to have an intense passion for sustaining life. The vineyards are full of wildlife, bees and grapes. In a recent interview he was quoted saying, "With a young wine, we are trying to pay respect to what the wine is giving us,". Sounds like a winemaker I might just like. The winery is also the only in the area to become certified organic. 

I think it's worth keeping an eye on this region and for these winemakers. And, here's to travel, adventure and wine. Muchas gracias!

A little more:
Vinicola Torres Alegre
One of Mexico's elite winemakers, Victor Torres Alegre (above), greeted tasters in the enclave devoted to wines produced in Mexico. Torres Alegre was the first in his country to earn a doctorate in enology. And guess where he got it? The University of Bordeaux. 
Previously winemaker for Château Camou, he now has his own winery, the Vinícola Torres Alegre y Familia in the Guadalupe Valley. Above are two of his wines. See more at:

Finca La Carrodilla: Perez Castro
See more at:

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