Friday, November 6, 2015

Laurent Saillard's Chenin Blanc, 'Lucky You!'

I discovered this wine when I asked for a recommendation to pair with a mild blue cheese. Although, I have come to think this wine is aptly named I had been avoiding it as I was initially turned off by the spirit of it. 

However, that was all quickly washed away after a few sips paired with a delicious Fourme d'Ambert 

Although there is some volatility in this reasonably priced Chenin Blanc, I thought it stabilized enough to show off it's complexity. 

I found lovely mellow, even acidity combined with a distinctive minerality that always reminds me of the sea (and, love!). The fresh, happy experience I discovered at the start with this whimsical white wine was followed by a silky note of almond at the finish. 

Like getting a little prize in each bottle. It made this wine interesting, fun and enjoyable -- to the last sip. 

So, if you find a bottle, I'd definitely say, Lucky You!

A little more about the man, Laurent Saillard: 

Laurent Saillard co-founded ICI, one of the first Brooklyn restaurants to focus on natural wines, and was part of the wave of restaurants that opened about a decade ago that were referred to as New Brooklyn Cuisine. We used to love going to ICI and spending time with him. He was always eager to share new and interesting wines.
Laurent left Brooklyn a few years ago and moved to the Loire to learn how to make the natural wines he’d enjoyed drinking and selling. He began by  working in the vineyards for Clos Roche Blanche and Noella Morantin. His first release under his own name, La Pause, was  the 2012 vintage. He continues to work for others during the week and to make his wines on the weekend.
Laurent currently makes two wines: a dry Chenin Blanc called Lucky You! and  a super fresh Gamay, La Pause.

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