Friday, November 6, 2015

Julien Guillot,Clos des Vignes du Maynes, Pouilly Fuisse

This is a producer that I am so glad to know. Not too surprisingly, I came late to the Guillot party, but I'm just glad I showed up. And, I grabbed a drink.

I was first introduced to this producer in a blind tasting. I was taken immediately but the laser beam clarity of this Pouilly Fuisse which immediately made it stand out. To my palette it is delicate and so, so pretty. It's clarity, subtle floral notes and lovely balance gives this wine an edge. It's fine on it's own and lovely with food.

It's just got style. And, class. What else do you need? Well, I guess one thing... it doesn't have a lot to go around. I bought the only bottle left on site. But, I'm sure if you're intrigued... you'll succeed in finding another Guillot treasure.

A little more about Julien Guillot:
From: Not Drinking Poison

Tucked among the fulsome green hills of Sagy-le-Haut is the cellar of Julien Guillot, the charming third-generation winemaker of biodynamic Mâconnais domaine Clos des Vignes du Maynes. Before returning to run the domaine in his late twenties, Guillot, who is of telegenic height and fresh-faced in his forties, had a career as an actor in France. He is conspicuously good at marketing his wines. Their prices in Paris and the US testify to this. His Bourgogne rouge "Cuvée Auguste" costs more than your average Marsannay.

What Clos des Vignes du Maynes' appellations lack in grandeur is made up for in the domaine's unimpeachable history and winemaking acumen. Julien's grandfather, Pierre Guillot, practiced a nascent version of organic viticulture ever since purchasing the domaine in 1954. Later, Julien's father Alain was instrumental in helping get the agriculture biologique (organic) logo approved by the French government in 1984. Julien, for his part, initiated the domaine's conversion to biodynamic viticulture in 1998. Upon hearing Guillot recount this in the anteroom of his cellar, my friend C posed a great question: "What did people in the region call 'organic' before 'organic' existed?"

Guillot grinned, and with the confidence that comes from having been right, replied, "Les conneries de Guillot," or 'Guillot's bullshit.' Read More

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