Friday, November 6, 2015

Un Saumon Dans la Loire 'La Boutanche' Rosé

Frantz Saumon makes some really good wines that are both seriously well-made and delicious. The gator label combined with the beautiful pink color just makes me want to be silly. It makes me hope that one sip will transport me back to blowing bubbles with my over-chewed gum, on a warm Summer day, while writing overly sappy teenage songs with my teenage best friend. It's a big order.

Thing is, it kind of delivers. Proof in the pictures. I kept forgetting to take a picture when the bottle was full! Which wasn't long. I gave it my best shot! Although, there's no bubble gum in this rose', there is refreshingly crisp, dense and delicious juice. I noted some herbaceous notes balancing a mouthful of beautiful red fruit (cherries!).

It's a well-priced jewel in the cannon of Rose's covering the walls of wine stores in the Bay Area. One note: I think this wine seems to have a little SO2. Not a dealbreaker but since I write this blog mostly so I can remember the rockstars from the impersonators -- it's worth a note.

However, it definitely rocks.

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