Sunday, February 21, 2016

Brumaire, Natural Wine Fair, RELOCATED: OAKLAND, CA

Like many who start out in San Francisco... Brumaire has relocated to OAKLAND, CA.  But, before you blame Obama, it seems an 'atmospheric river' is headed directly for Crissy Field. 

With the Presidio no longer an option the historic Starline Social Club Grand Ballroom is opening their doors to save natural wine fanatics of the Bay Area.

I'm always hoping for a natural wine event to come through town. Brumaire is more than this girl could ever hope.

Brumaire seems to live up to the promise that natural wine carries in spirit... wine, beauty, discovery, friendship, food and savoring. 

This event will include such producers as Julien Guillot, Hank Beckmeyer, Tony Coturri, Gideon Beinstock, Christophe Foucher and many others (see list below). The list is full of winemakers who represent a commitment to making wine that is true to the soil from which it grows.
It is no easy decision to farm and ferment naturally. This is hard work and deserves to be rewarded and enjoyed.

Additionally, many wine shops and restaurants will be hosting winemakers and dinners especially for the winemakers included in Brumaire.

To buy tickets:

From Ordinaire:

Preliminary producer list:
Joan Ramon Escoda
Laureano Serres (Mendall)
Cantina Giardino
Christophe Foucher (La Lunotte)
Julien Guillot (Clos des Vignes du Maynes)
Brendan Tracey
Tony Coturri
Gideon Beinstock (Clos Saron)
Chris Scanlan (Pain and Glory Cellars)
Ambyth Estate
Ryan Stirm (Stirm Wine Co.)
Chad Hinds (Methode Sauvage)
Living Wines Collective
Hank Beckmeyer (La Clarine Farm)
J Brix
Donkey & Goat
Purity Wines
Dani Rozman (La Onda)
La Garagista

"BRUMAIRE” is a wine tasting based in San Francisco, California. This event will bring together natural winemakers from Europe and the United States for the first time. It is conceived as a way for consumers, the press and the trade to meet producers, drink natural wine, and eat delicious food.

The main tasting will feature growers from Spain, France, Italy, and California and will take place on March 13th, from 12pm to 6pm, in the West Bluff Amphitheater at Crissy Field. The event is free for all attendees, with a suggested donation of $20, which includes a tasting glass and lunch. You may reserve in advance with DOMAINE LA or ORDINAIRE.

Other tastings, dinners and parties are being planned throughout the weekend with local caves, bars and restaurants.

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