Saturday, June 13, 2015

Le Puits_2014 Olivier Lemasson

Le Puits, Vin de France, 2014, is a reflection of the soil and the sun from where it was born. The structure is very direct -- it presents itself very neatly with a brightness that guarantees it to be refreshing. Although, it clearly knows what and who it is -- it isn't just one note. That's just the beginning.

It is a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, with a hint of flint on the nose and aromas of ripe fruit when opened. The mouth is bright with wonderful acidity, citrus fruit, and a delicate undertone of vanilla. The alcohol for this vintage is 12%. It is perfect for a lazy late afternoon in the sun and all Summer long.

Just as an observation, I seem to be noticing more Vin de France (French table wines) establishing a place in the natural wine marketplace. The reasons for having to designate the wine as Vin de France seems steeped in history, territory and bureaucracy -- but from what I can tell, after drinking Le Puits, it isn't about quality (anymore). 

Olivier Lemasson has a wonderful story that begins as a Sommelier in Brittany, France, many years ago. The story goes he stumbled across natural wines then and hasn't stopped pursuing these odd wines since. A spark was ignited in him that put him on a path where now he has practically achieved cult wine status -- and is selling his many varietals at places such as, Le Verre VolĂ© and many more. Apparently, his rose', 'Pow Blop Wizz' is a must-have for Summer, if you can find it.

His many different wines all have playful names, and come from organic farms, or his own small parcel. Although, he seems to have a whimsical side, he also seems to apply a serious focus when it comes to his winemaking practices; no yeasts, no filtration and minimal intervention (sometimes adding sulphites when needed -- however, I couldn't tell if he did in this vintage). 

By all accounts, Olivier is full of personality, passion and a rich history -- just like this wine. And, I can't wait to come back to the well and try more.

Purchased at Ordinaire, Oakland
Approx. $20

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