Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Frederic Cossard, Bigotes 2012

What can I tell you? From the moment I opened this wine and sampled its subtle hint of lemon, limestone and vanilla I was under its spell. 

I can tell you I remember drinking it and loving it with each sip and each bite. I remember it was full-bodied and balanced with crisp acidity. At one moment, I would think it was lemony and in another I would pick up on the earthy vanilla base. It was all pure pleasure. 

It was a gift and since my only real impression was 'More!'... off  I went to the wine store to do just that, buy more. 

This is when I found out why the two women on the label seem to be in such shock! The price is over $50.00/btl. Not that it isn't worth it, however, for such an investment I would have liked to have shared it; especially, since it's a limited release and even so, a bit pricey for me to consider anything other than an indulgence.  

I now like to think of the 2 women on the label as me and, my friend, Sara (...without any connection to the provocative name of this far from offensive wine). Sara gave me the wine as a birthday gift. She is also a fan of natural wines.

Here's how I am choosing to see the label:  scene: two (open-minded & compassionate) old friends. Sara, in the pink hat, telling me what a special wine she thought the Bigotes is and hoping we can share it. Me, in the chic, orange kerchief, aghast, I already drank it and all alone! And, I enjoyed every sip. 

About this wine:

Frédéric Cossard has always wanted to become a winemaker. In 1996, he had the opportunity to get some small plots in Saint-Romain and Auxey-Duresses. The size of his domaine has regularly increased since then. He works in a very “eco-friendly” way, using no chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides. This simple “Bourgogne Chardonnay” is made out of a very small plot, planted with only chardonnay grapes located next to Puligny-Montrachet. It appears elegant, well balanced and quite fresh, like all the wines he produces. The nose consists of light citrus fruits and lemon aromas and a little bit of noble roasted oak.


  1. Definitely a wine to share! Do you know what Bigotes means in French? Not really Sara and you... Good to know you enjoyed it!

  2. I think it's the same in English! I def. need an editor. Thank you for pointing out this very important, but overlooked, detail. Obviously, I don't mean to imply we are two intolerant women! I think I may add a disclaimer.

  3. In French, Bigotes means extremely catholic, thinking everything religiously, boring, addicted to mass... An almost fully disappeared kind of women in France. Not the kind of person who enjoyes sharing a good wine, with a close friend or a lover, and smiling to life... Btw, Cossard means very lazy: Does not seem to me either. A very deceptive label!

    1. Deceptive indeed! I bought another bottle to make sure I didn't miss anything else! I wonder if Frederick is making a larger comment on the concept of 'labels'? Seems like even a conversation one could have over a glass of wine, while smiling at life, and your lover.

  4. I must say I don't care enough about labels. They deserve a better attention. They say a lot about the wine makers. They deserve to be the subject of a conversation between the guys who share the content of the bottle. Especially if they are good friends, or lovers...