Friday, June 5, 2015

Alice & Olivier De Moor_Aligote 2013

I was intrigued by this wine after I read about the de Moor's, Alice and Olivier. I read about their commitment to creating natural wines, on small plots, in Chablis. The story presented the couple as a united front tending their vineyards by hand and creating their natural wines together. Some important aspects of their creations include farming organically and sustainably, using natural yeast and oak barrels. I liked what I read and I've kept an eye out for their bottled time since. The search finally came to an end last week when my quest for interesting wines led me to a little corner of the wine store where this bottle was tucked away. I'm not sure why it was so hidden, but my guess, someone was coveting it. I know I would.

I was so excited to try it. It didn't disappoint. Crisp and full-bodied - it went well with truffle cheese and perfect for salty crackers. The rich finish pairs well with sweet potato fries and the subtle apple flavor was a wonderful companion to smoked salmon and a simple salad.

I hear this vintage of Aligote', 2013, is a low yield, so there isn't much; but they produce quite a few wines, so if you see the de Moors on your search for wonderful natural wines -- I think you'll find you're in good hands.


  1. I'm sure this wine is elaborated by loving hands. The result is your pleasure. Can't wait to try it!

  2. I'm sure you are right, as so many things are ...