Monday, April 6, 2015

Côtes du Jura _Varron - Peggy & Jean-Pascal Buronfosse

I'm slowly coming around to wines made in the Jura. This region makes some of the most versatile -- and from what I can tell, unusual wines out of France.

This Chardonnay is grown in rich clay soil and has lots of wonderful fruit. When the bottle was first opened I felt overwhelmed by what seemed to me to be over-ripe apricot jam suggesting an almost spoiled taste through the mid-palate. But, after about an hour; and with rich, savory foods it really shined. I mean, the bright acid mixed with the beautiful melon and peach flavors made this a silky and exciting wine! I can't wait to try it again and continue to explore The Jura.

A little bit about 'The Jura': It's located in a small region of France between Switzerland and Burgundy. The terrain varies between flat to hills and wooded landscape. The location is considered a cool climate area where the seasons are reportedly extreme  -- snowy Winters, late Springs and crisp Fall days.  There are 5 varietals that make up this region and 6 growing regions.  Because of many unique variables wines from this region can have a greenish tone or very amber ('orange wine'). Also, the flavor components can be very sherry-like, at times. 

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