Sunday, May 25, 2014


After a wonderful tasting yesterday at Coturri Winery, Jen and I continued the journey with our senses at Bardessono's restaurant in Yountville, Lucy's Garden. Bardessono is one of two LEED Platinum certified hotels in the country. So Lucy has to hit a high bar. And, I have wanted to try it for some time.

The restaurant, like the hotel, is very cool in design. Sharp lines and a monochromatic color scheme set the tone, however, warmth is achieved with natural additions, such as a beautiful natural wood table running through the middle of the restaurant, reflecting pools on the patio and glimpses of softness spread throughout.

We decide to sit on the patio where the breeze and 80 degrees mingle to create a perfect al fresco experience. Jen and I discuss our disappointment lately with waitstaff as a very pleasant and accommodating waitperson approaches. We eye her with suspicion as we suspect, due to our cynicism, her demeanor won't last. To our surprise it does! Our experience with the service is exceptional. We are greeted and treated as if we are very welcomed throughout our entire experience -- which lasts a little while after they close. We didn't know at the time because everyone remained friendly and welcoming. Our waitperson helps us choose wine, explains each dish and leaves enough space so no one feels crowded.

The food at Lucy's is phenomenal. They have a garden where many of the vegetables are grown on site. Not only are they raising and meeting the bar but they are competing with a very stellar list of restaurants already claiming space in what is becoming a mecca of fine dining in Yountville, least of which is The French Laundry taking top billing. But, this was a truly magical experience. The Riesling was a star with the oysters and the cheese.

What a celebration!

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